CLC Supports The Student Fair Access to School Act

You can support DC kids’ right to education. Urge your Councilmember to support The Student Fair Access to School Act of 2017.

At Children’s Law Center, we advocate for kids who are disproportionately impacted by school suspensions and expulsions every day—children of color, children with disabilities and children in foster care. We regularly serve kids who are sent home from school instead of receiving the educational supports they need to stay in the classroom and continue learning.

Students who aren’t in school miss critical learning time and are more likely to fall behind and get poor grades, often leaving them frustrated or embarrassed. In turn, these negative feelings can lead to more misbehavior, even causing students to drop out.

This ineffective form of punishment fosters a destructive cycle: acting out -> suspension -> falling behind in classes and feeling frustrated because of it -> more problems with behavior -> suspension. This harmful cycle doesn’t address the root cause of the child’s problem in school. Suspensions are a short-term band aid that lead to long-term failure for the child, the teacher and eventually our society as a whole.

Suspensions lead to higher dropout rates, increased crime, joblessness and more. Each time we fail a student in DC, it impacts each citizen of the District. These kids have a right to be in school and learning. It is our collective responsibility to make sure they are.

When more students are suspended, studies show ALL students’ academic achievement suffers.

That’s why at Children’s Law Center, we’re working closely together with the Every Student Every Day Coalition to support the Student Fair Access to School Act of 2017. Every DC child has a right to an equal education. This legislation helps eliminate biases in school discipline and will help ensure all students have access to the supports they need to stay engaged and learning.

About the Every Student Every Day Coalition

The Every Student Every Day Coalition is a team of advocacy organizations, researchers, service providers, and individuals engaged in a variety of issue areas, including education, juvenile justice, child welfare, youth empowerment, special education, and civil rights. Learn more by visiting

How Can I Support DC Children’s Education?

Email or call your council member and ask them to VOTE YES in support of the Student Fair Access to School Act of 2017.

You can also sign up to testify in front of DC Council. The hearing will be on Tuesday, January 30 and begins at 10 a.m.  

Learn more about DC kids who have been impacted by unfair discipline practices.


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