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Collect Toys, Clothes & School Supplies

The District’s abused, neglected and special needs children can always use new toys, clothes and school supplies. These in-kind donations give us the means to offer that bit of extra help that can really make a difference.

Email Mary Laurin Brunson or call her at (202) 467-4900 ext. 542 to arrange a donation or learn more.

Computers Needed
Do you have an old computer you don’t know what to do with? Donate your new or gently used desktop computer or laptop to CLC on behalf of DC’s kids. A team of volunteers will make sure your computer is free of old files and ready to use. Our clients desperately need new technology in order to complete their homework assignments, search the web, write college essays and simply keep up with their peers. Imagine trying to succeed in today’s world without a computer.

We accept:
1 GHz CPU or faster
20 GB hard drive or larger
512 MB RAM or more
Operating System license (Certificate of Authority, original disks, etc.)

Optional, but preferred:

Monitor, 17" or larger
Keyboard & mouse
WiFi card for laptop

Email Erica Kaufman or call (202) 467-4900, ext. 524 to arrange a computer donation.

Download your in-kind donation form.

“I would thank Children’s Law Center for giving me a chance to go to a four year college or even a trade school, to do something I’d like to do. Like maybe be a sportscaster … or a chef.”
17 years old

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