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MEDIA ADVISORY: Progress Amidst Uncertainty: Making the Most of DC's 2018 Budget

January 26, 2017
Experts to Discuss Fiscal Policies that Would Support DC Residents, Release Call to Action to Create the Fiscal Flexibility the District Urgently Needs

RELEASE: Masi Named Pro Bono Director at Children’s Law Center

January 17, 2017
The District of Columbia’s largest nonprofit legal services provider, Children’s Law Center has selected Jennifer Nicole Masi to serve as its new pro bono director.

Huffington Post: Lowering Bandwidth Tax for Families in Poverty

January 9, 2017
In Part Two of her Huffington Post series about how principles in Scarcity: The New Science of Having Less and How it Defines Our Lives, can be applied to help families in poverty, Children's Law Center Executive Director Judith Sandalow discusses the "bandwidth tax."

Washington Post: Bowser taps deputy health mayor to lead child welfare agency

December 19, 2016
DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has selected Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Brenda Donald as the Director of Child and Families Services. It will be Donald's third time leading the organization.Children's Law Center Executive Director Judith Sandalow was featured in a recent article from The Washington Post about the decision.

Huffington Post: Solutions for Vulnerable Families Start with Context

December 15, 2016
Earlier this month, Eldar Shafir, co-author of Scarcity: The New Science of Having Less and How it Defines Our Lives, joined Children's Law Center at NPR's headquarters. Together he, Children's Law Center Executive Director Judith Sandalow and Shankar Vedantam, host of NPR's Hidden Brain, discussed how scarcity -- of time, money and resources -- impacts our most vulnerable children. In her Huffington Post blog, the first part in a two-part series, Children's Law Center Executive Director Judith Sandalow reflects on the conversation. 

Founder James Marsh: ‘If you were a lucky child you would make it through’

December 12, 2016
It was the 1990s. And attorney James Marsh grew tired of how DC children swept up in the abuse and neglect system were faring. At the time, almost 8,000 children were under the watch of the DC government because of allegations of abuse and neglect – and about 3,000 languished in foster care without much hope of joining a forever family. Grandparents and other relatives who wanted to care for these kids often had to navigate the child welfare bureaucracy alone.

We're Thankful for You!

November 21, 2016
We're so thankful to the supporters who've helped us fight for 30,000 DC children and families over the past 20 years. Without you our work would not be possible. 

Reaffirming our commitment in uncertain times

November 17, 2016
“Will we be put in internment camps?”  A young foster child asked her Children’s Law Center attorney that question this week.   It’s just one example of how the rhetoric surrounding the election has created widespread fear among children throughout the DC region. Children draw their own conclusions from watching the news.  Children also respond to the fear and anxiety of the adults around them.  And the increasing expressions of hate and bigotry – both in word and deed – have left so many of us feeling unsafe. 

Rollie Goss: 25 Years of Pro Bono Service

October 25, 2016
It was 25 years ago, and Rollie Goss was sitting in a Florida courtroom after hearing the family court was overwhelmed and in need of volunteers. After just a few moments of sitting in the back of a chaotic courtroom he asked himself, “is this what is deemed appropriate for our most at-risk and vulnerable children?” He immediately volunteered to help and was quickly “hooked.” The rest is history.