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Ms. Stanley and her grandchildren

Rhonda Stanely finalized two adoptions on Saturday, November 17 – of her granddaughter Da’Ja and grandson Da’Quan. Children’s Law Center’s Covington & Burling loaned associate Maureen Japha has worked with Ms. Stanley on Da’Ja’s adoption case.


Norman Moore and his dads

Children’s Law Center’s Mallory Martin served as a guardian ad litem for Norman Moore, a 5-year-old whose adoption was finalized on November 17, Adoption Day 2012.


Ms. J and her son Mahkii

Children’s Law Center’s Anna Myles-Primakoff represented Taunya J in her adoption case. Ms. J finalized the adoption of her 4-year-old son Mahkii on Adoption Day 2012.


Kate and Brian T and their daughter

Kate and Brian T finalized their daughter’s adoption on Adoption Day 2012 after representation from Roland Goss, a partner at Jorden Burt LLP, who served as a pro bono attorney in the case with Children’s Law Center’s training and mentoring.


Mr. Braman and his new sons
Children’s Law Center helps a new dad makes a happy home by adopting two sons.


Ms. Harper and her son Kyle
When the DC public schools deprived her son of an education – just because he was in a wheelchair – Ms. Harper turned to Children’s Law Center for help.


Ms. White and her four grandchildren
Four young siblings avoid foster care and the threat of separation when Children’s Law Center helps a grandmother become the legal guardian for her grandkids.


Ms. Vonhoupe and her grandson Matias
Children’s Law Center helps a grandmother gain custody of her grandson when her own son is lost to gun violence.


Ms. Knight and her son Moses
When her grandson Moses was in trouble at school, Ms. Knight reached out to Children’s Law Center to advocate for the special education services he needs.


Sasha the College Student
Now a student at Smith College, Sasha spent her teen years in foster care. Her Children’s Law Center attorney helped provide her with the stability she needed to focus on her education.


Ms. Tornero and her son Eugene
Eugene and his mother are reunited, thanks to Children’s Law Center.

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