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Ms. J and her son Mahkii


Children’s Law Center’s Anna Myles-Primakoff represented Taunya J in her adoption case. Ms. J finalized the adoption of her 4-year-old son Mahkii on Adoption Day 2012.


Mahkii is a child who takes initiative, and his mother Taunya J makes sure Mahkii has what he needs to keep growing. When they went to a water park a couple years ago, Mahkii stuck his head underwater and tried to hold his breath. Ms. J found a program of swimming lessons for toddlers. At meal times, Ms. J noticed Mahkii loved to eat, and had a definite taste for healthier foods and vegetables. “He loves broccoli, he eats it before the meat,” she said. So she makes sure to keep the spinach, corn, and string beans coming. And anytime Mahkii wants to make sure his mom is still there for him, he’s not shy about asking for affection. He’ll say, “Gimme a hug! Gimme a kiss! Gimme another hug!” And his mother provides.


Ms. J finalized her adoption of 4-year-old Mahkii on Adoption Day 2012. Before coming to live with Ms. J, Mahkii was in the foster care system. Ms. J said Mahkii doesn’t really understand Adoption Day, since he knows that he’s part of the family, and has been since he was 18 months old. And it’s a well-traveled family. Mahkii has already been to two family reunions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a family wedding in Texas, and other vacations to the beach and Disney World. “He likes to pack his bag and go,” Ms. J said.


He likes to go locally too; Ms. J said Mahkii likes to get on the bus for preschool 3 days a week. He will start kindergarten next year along with a cousin who’s a few months younger. In the meantime, he likes to gather up and read “a million” books with Ms. J – in between all the hugs.

“[My lawyer] is nicer than a cake.”
7 years old

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