Welcome to Children's Law Center's
Pro Bono Program

There is a significant need for more pro bono attorneys to represent children and caregivers in DC. Every day, CLC recieves requests for legal services from judges, Guardians ad litem, social workers, and caregivers. We carefully screen cases to determine which are best suited for pro bono laywers of varying levels of expertise.

The process for becoming a pro bono attorney is simple:

  • Review our FAQs to learn more about pro bono opportunities and whether you are eligible to be a pro bono lawyer.
  • Attend a half-day training session in an area of interest--caregiver representation, custody-guardian ad litem, or special education. 
  • Review our list of available cases. After you attend a training, we will email you with a list of pro bono opportunities approximately every other week. 
  • Volunteer to take a case.  At that point, we will provide you with additional information about the case and how to get started.
  • Confer with a CLC mentor about legal issues and strategy, or to obtain model pleadings.
  • Let us know when the case closes, and whether you are interested in taking on another case.

By becoming a pro bono lawyer, you can help a child in our community have a solid foundation of family, health and education.

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