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kite club imageThank you to the 2015 members of our Kite Club, Children's Law Center's most generous donors who propel our work with DC's vulnerable children.

At Children’s Law Center, a kite symbolizes the joy and possibility of childhood. We believe that with a quality education, good health and a permanent, loving home – all children can reach their full potential.

Through their generous investments of $1,500 or more each year, members of our Kite Club provide direction and lift to thousands of children and their families so they can thrive.

For more information about making a leadership gift, contact Brian Shook.


Theodore D. Segal and Joyce Wasserstein


John T. Bentivoglio
Diane and Norman Bernstein
Joseph C. Figini and Jason Denby
Diana and Stephen Goldberg
Wendy and Fred Goldberg
Page and Howard Smith


Michael Felty
Elizabeth and Michael Galvin
The Andrew and Julie Klingenstein Family Fund
Charles F. (Rick) Rule


Jessica Abrahams
Elizabeth and Justin Bausch
Jule Cahill Crider and Greg Crider
Evan Miller and Nancy Hedin
Ina and Terrance Sandalow
Nancy and Simon Sidamon-Eristoff
Katie and Dick Snowdon
Melissa and Justin Wiley
Peter and Sylvia Winik
Paul Wojcik


Cindy and Mark Aron
James Bodner and Victoria Greenfield
Tom and Kristy Bulleit
A. Patrick Doyle and Elizabeth Downes
Vicki and Michael Foster
Justin Gray
Anthony Herman
Julie Hong and Julian Kim
Creighton and Vicky Magid
Alan and Miriam Pemberton
Thomas Pheasant and Juan Carlos Rincones
Timothy W. Riffe
Lila and Brendan Sullivan
Elsa Walsh and Bob Woodward
Deborah A. Wilson


Joyce Deroy and Warren King
Renee DeSilva
Evan and Amanda Farber
J. Beth and Roland Goss
Denise and Louis Guida
Judith Korn
Beth A. Levene and David A. Becker
John M. Nannes
Anthony and Dale Pappas
Jessica Rosenbaum
Judith Sandalow
Keith and Geetha Waehrer


The Anne and Ronald Abramson Family Foundation
Kady Ashley and David Luigs
Jan W. and Kathryn Kavanagh Baran
Melody Barnes and Marland Buckner
Nathaniel and Lee Beers
Charles Berk
Philip E. Beshara
Marcia and Donald Bisenius
David and Katherine Bradley
Jennifer Bragg
William and Brigid Brakefield
Shirley Brandman and Howard Shapiro
Jeff Brennan and Debbie Feinstein
Jim and Marian Brodsky
Miguel Browne and Silvija Strikis
Jill Caiazzo
Cory and Rachel Capps
Scott Chatham
Ronald Coenen Jr.
H. Guy Collier
Joseph and Dorothy Conti
Dina and Wayne Curtis
Ronald and Jessica Dabrowski
David and Martha Dantzic
David Edwards and Jacqueline Holmes
Heidi Eitel and Brian Yourish
Marc and Phyllis Fleischaker
Michael and Vivian Fletcher
Fletcher Family Foundation
Bob and Pat Gage
Peter Gillon
Benjamin Gitterman
Lloyd Goldfarb and Sandrine Ennis
Andrea Gray
Andrew Greenfield
Michael J. Gridley
Nina Gross and Steve Asher
Stephanie P. Hales
Nancy Hendry and William Baer
Laura Kaufman
Emily and Benton Keatley
Diane and Gib Kerr
Andrew and Cathleen Keyes
Geoffrey Klineberg and Ursula Werner
Victoria N. Lynch-Draper
Michael D. Mann and Carol Salzman
James Marsh and Amy Fastenberg
Mary Catherine Martin
Mary Beth Maxwell
Jim and Marilyn McCullough
Carmen and Carson McLean
Robin and Bandele McQueen
J.B. and Kate Meek
Nicole and Joshua Mintz
Gary Morgans
Stephanie Mueller
Pamela and Byrne Murphy
Alison and Michael Nadel
Thomas Papson and Toby Singer
Jane and Thad Paul
Hilary and Paul Perkins
Chris Pernin
Carter Phillips and Sue Henry
Keri Piester and Ron Wisor
Ruth and Stephen Pollak
Don and Olwen Pongrace
Robert Raben
Toni A. Ritzenberg
Jeniffer and Cornelius Roberts
Julie Roberts and George Giamas
James Rocap
David and Mary Ellen Rogers
Brian Shook and Derek Thomas
Lynda Guild Simpson and Richard A. Simpson
Christopher and Diana Smith
Clinton Vince
Hillary Webber and Eric Conn
Dave Wharwood and Mary Hope and Evangeline Garcia Wharwood
Maryelena and Gino Zaccardelli
Will Zerhouni
Margaret Zwisler