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What We Do

Our children come to us with problems that shouldn't need a lawyer. Landlords should clean up mold before it aggravates a child's asthma. Schools should provide the right accommodations for special needs students. The government should guarantee children don't languish in foster care. But in today's world it often takes the threat of legal action to make sure these things happen. We help more than 2,000 children each year.


Help Children in Foster Care
Children's Law Center directly represents children in foster care, as well as foster parents and relatives seeking to give foster children safe and stable families.


Create Permanent Families
Whether our lawyers are representing children or caregivers in a given case, they strive to give children long-term, stable families. 


Improve Children’s Health
Through Healthy Together, a medical-legal partnership for DC's children, Children's Law Center attorneys work with pediatricians to overcome the obstacles that stand in the way of children's full health.


Achieve Educational Success
Children's Law Center's special education experts work to make sure that children who live in poverty, move through the foster care system, or struggle with disabilities get the quality education they deserve.


Change Laws & Policies
Children's Law Center's policy team draws on our experience representing individual clients to advocate for changes in laws, policies, and practice to benefit all of DC's children and families.


Partner with Pro Bono Lawyers 
We train, mentor, and provide case referrals to hundreds of attorneys from more than 70 area law firms.


Educate Professionals & Families
Children's Law Center shares its expertise with pediatricians, social workers, judges, and other lawyers, as well as with parents, foster parents, and other caregivers to help them become better advocates for children.


Provide Legal Helpline 
Through our Helpline, attorneys offer information and referrals on issues such as child welfare, education, child custody, guardianship, and adoption.


Organize Holiday Hope Drive 
Each year, volunteer "Santas" Children's Law Center's annual Holiday Hope Drive volunteers donate toys, clothes, food, and gift cards for our neediest clients.

Steptoe & Johnson has had a very close relationship with the Children's Law Center since its formation. The cases CLC refers are truly compelling, and the many attorneys who have worked on them over the years have been deeply touched by the experience. It is also a pleasure to work with the CLC staff, all of whom are extremely knowledgeable, and always ready to mentor pro bono attorneys.

-Barbara Kagan
Public Service Counsel, Steptoe & Johnson LLP

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