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Educate Professionals & Families


Did you know?

  • There are hundreds of federal laws, local statutes, DC regulations and government policies that can be used to improve children’s lives.
  • Parents and relatives can be the first and most important advocates for their children.
  • Pediatricians, nurses and social workers can improve the health and safety of children if they know the laws and regulations that protect children.

How does CLC Educate Professionals and Families?

  • We train Children’s National Medical Center and Mary's Center medical staff to identify non-medical barriers to children’s health.
  • We train “surrogate parents” to advocate for special education services for foster children who live in group homes.
  • We have trained hundreds of judges, social workers, teachers, principals and other lawyers in matters that range from special education law and practice to representing child witnesses in criminal cases.
  • We teach foster, adoptive and kinship parents to advocate for their children in court, about the legal system and options for legal permanency.
  • We train court-appointed attorneys who represent children, caregivers and parents in abuse and neglect matters.
  • We maintain an on-line library of model pleadings, current legal research and social services resources for all DC family lawyers.
  • We train pro bono attorneys to represent foster parents, grandparents, and other caregivers who wish to adopt or to obtain legal custody or guardianship of children trapped in the DC child welfare system.
  • We train pro bono attorneys to represent parents of children with disabilities who are seeking education services for their children. 

Read more about our current event and training opportunities.

“Children's Law Center is our best organizational partner and we turn to them often for legal guidance and support. When I think of CLC I think of their unique expertise and extensive knowledge, their generosity in sharing that knowledge with our community, and their integrity in conducting this important work. The lives of the children and families they serve are significantly improved because CLC exists.”
-Margie Chalofsky,
Executive Director,
Foster & Adoptive Parent Advocacy Center (FAPAC) 

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