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Partner with Pro Bono Lawyers

Did you know?

  • Each year pro bono laywers represent more than 300 children and caregivers in child custody, guardianship and special education cases. 
  • Lawyers from the area's top law firms, in-house legal departments, and the federal government handle pro bono cases referred by CLC. 
  • CLC's senior lawyers provide training and mentoring to ensure that pro bono lawyers have the resources they need. 

Why does CLC Partner with Pro Bono Attorneys?

CLC is the largest provider of non-profit legal services in DC, but we still can't represent all the children and caregivers who need help.  Lawyers in the community step up to volunteer their time and skills to improve the lives of DC's at-risk children.  Pro bono attorneys:

  • Represent  relatives, foster parents, and other caregivers willing to provide permanent, loving homes for children trapped in DC's child welfare system. 
  • Serve as Guardians ad litem representing the best interests of children caught in the middle of complex custody disputes. 
  • Represent parents and caregivers of children with disabilities seeking appropriate special education services.

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Learn what it takes to be a pro bono lawyer.

"We're proud to support the Children’s Law Center - they're a great pro bono partner.  Their training, support and knowledge of the field are top notch." 
-Barbara Butterworth,
Litigation Mentor Program,

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