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Provide Legal Helpline


Did you know?

  • Ninety percent of the legal needs of low-income DC residents go unmet
  • Eighty percent of parents in custody cases do not have a lawyer
  • Many children’s lawyers are solo practitioners who do not have the resources to do comprehensive legal research

What is CLC’s Legal Helpline?

Children’s Law Center's Legal Helpline is available during regular business hours to provide information to DC residents and to assist attorneys representing children in DC’s Family Court. Through the Helpline, Children's Law Center attorneys provide legal information, advice and referrals on issues related to our work – child welfare, education, health care access, child custody, guardianship and adoption.

Foster, kinship and adoptive parents seeking legal representation and parents referred by a pediatrician can talk with a Helpline attorney to determine if they are eligible for free representation from Children's Law Center.

Helpline callers with legal questions outside of our areas of expertise are provided with information about other agencies or resources in the DC community that may be of assistance.

Helpline can be reached at 202-467-4900 option 3.

Helpline hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.



“I love you.  You are the best lawyer a kid can have. I want you to be my lawyer and friend forever.”
10 years old

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