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Staff Listing

Leadership Team

Judith Sandalow, Executive Director (ext. 511)

Sharra Greer, Policy Director (ext. 565)

Wendy Phipps, Chief Operating Officer (ext. 506)

Lori Piccolo, Development Director (ext. 582)

Chrissy Smith, Legal Director (ext. 500)



Rebecca Brink, Senior Policy Attorney (ext. 596)

Holly Crowe, Policy Associate (ext. 531)

Damon King, Policy Attorney (ext. 627)

Elizabeth Tossell, Senior Policy Attorney (ext. 570)


Families First

Rebecca Goldfrank, Families First Director (ext. 554)

Lauren Birzon, Staff Attorney (ext. 520)

Marissa Gunn, Supervising Attorney (ext. 592)

Anna Myles-Primakoff, Bingham Fellow and Staff Attorney (ext. 590)

Julia Post, Covington & Burling Loaned Associate (ext. 519)

Jarrod Schlenker, Investigator (ext. 567)


Guardian ad Litem Project

Michael FitzPatrick, Guardian ad Litem Project Director (ext. 507)

Jennifer Morris, Guardian ad Litem Project Deputy Director (ext. 587)

Gabriela Arredondo-Santisteban, Research Assistant (ext. 562)

Megan Broderick, Investigator (ext. 528)

Mary Laurin Brunson, Director of Investigations (ext. 542)

Jennifer Burke, Staff Attorney (ext. 560)

Evan Cass, Staff Attorney (ext. 631)

Sarah Coats, Appellate Paralegal (ext. 585)

Melissa Colangelo, Staff Appellate Counsel (ext. 527)

Emma Connolly, Investigator (ext. 574)

Megan Conway, Staff Attorney (ext. 614)

Kim Daulton, Director of Social Work (ext. 516)

D.D. Davis, Senior Special Education Staff Attorney (ext. 589)

Lynne DeSarbo, Special Education Supervising Attorney (ext. 579)

Megan Blamble Dho, Special Education Senior Supervising Attorney (ext. 583)

Jessie Forsythe, Staff Attorney (ext. 568)

Daniel Gestal, Investigator (ext. 545)

Christy Hardegree Graham, Senior Special Education Staff Attorney (ext. 513)

Allison Green, Supervising Attorney (ext. 517)

Tate Jawdat, Investigator (ext. 530)

Ryan Kool, Social Worker (ext. 594)

Bridget Koza, Staff Attorney (ext. 572)

Jonathan Krell, Staff Attorney (ext. 573)

Jessica Kurtz, Staff Attorney (ext. 552)

Emily Madden, Senior Staff Attorney (ext. 548)

Kristine Maier, Social Worker (ext. 632)

Gabrielle Mulnick Majewski, Supervising Attorney (ext. 521)

Jennifer Masi, Staff Attorney (ext. 541)

Nicole McConico, Staff Attorney (ext. 621)

Megan McQuiddy, Staff Attorney (ext. 518)

Brittany Mobley, Staff Attorney (ext. 536)

Tyra Moore, Senior Social Worker (ext. 557)

Elisabeth Mulholland, Investigator (ext. 563)

Alyssa Patzoldt, Supervising Attorney (ext. 532)

Katherine Piggott-Tooke, Staff Attorney (ext. 623)

Kristen Pisani-Jacques, Supervising Attorney (ext. 546)

Eliza Presson, Staff Attorney (ext. 612)

Jessica Shea, Investigator (ext. 598)

Abraham Sisson, Staff Attorney (ext. 629)

Amy Smith, Staff Attorney (ext. 593)

Allen Snyder, Special Counsel (ext. 584)

Kate Stanford, Staff Attorney (ext. 630)

Holly Stevens, Evaluation and Strategic Learning Specialist (ext. 578)

Jess Sucherman, Supervising Attorney (ext. 575)

Sarah Tomkins, Special Education Staff Attorney (ext. 628)

Sophie Vick, Investigator (ext. 529)

Diane Weinroth, Special Counsel (ext. 508)

Ashley Young, Staff Attorney (ext. 613)


Healthy Together

Tracy Goodman, Healthy Together Director (ext. 503)

Anne Cunningham, Staff Attorney (ext. 533)

Raquel Farah-Robison, Investigator (ext. 510)

Thayer Hardwick, Equal Justice Works Fellow (ext. 555)

Meg Mansfield, Investigator (ext. 595)

Renee Murphy, Staff Attorney (ext. 580)

Lauren Onkeles, Senior Supervising Attorney (ext. 539)

Joy Purcell , Senior Staff Attorney (ext. 525)

Jani Tillery, Staff Attorney (ext. 514)

Kathy Zeisel, Senior Supervising Attorney (ext. 547)


Pro Bono

Nancy Drane, Pro Bono Director (ext. 502)

Gillian Schaps, Intake and Pro Bono Assistant (ext. 586)


Administration, Communications & Development

Rene Baez, Administrative Assistant (ext. 543)

James Bristol, Knowledge Manager (ext. 566 )

Sweda Chandran, Development Associate (ext. 591)

Ketayoun Darvich-Kodjouri, Communications Director (ext. 576)

Billy Fettweis, Development Manager (ext. 597)

Nicholas Fox, Knowledge Associate (ext. 556)

Bonnie Goldberg, Development Assistant (ext. 571)

Erica Kaufman, Development Associate for Corporate Giving (ext. 524)

Christina Lord, Accountant (ext. 522)

Kelly Moffett, Legal Assistant (ext. 526)

Eva Stokes Wood, Office Manager (ext. 538)


I will never forget my clients … in fact, I still have their picture on the wall in my office, because it really helps me to put into perspective my work and the work of the Children’s Law Center.

-Carmen G. McLean
Partner, Jones Day
Member, CLC Board of Directors
CLC Pro Bono attorney


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