Celebrating DC's Women this Mother's Day | Children's Law Center

Celebrating DC's Women this Mother's Day

April 27, 2021
The pandemic took a toll on families everywhere -- parents and caregivers working double-duty to keep their children learning while balancing jobs.
This Mother's Day, you can recognize a mom, grandmom or other woman in your life who did so much more to support their families this past year.
Moms like Ms. Erica Chance.
Every day for more than five years, Ms. Chance carried her son Ayden up and down the stairs to his bedroom because he was unable to walk due to his cerebral palsy.
When Ayden’s pediatrician connected the family with Children’s Law Center, they had been on the waiting list for an accessible apartment for far too many years. Just months before the pandemic hit, Children’s Law Center’s advocacy succeeded and the family finally moved into a wheelchair-accessible home.
Ayden and his mom are thankful they had a safer home to live in during the crisis.
"They kept telling me I was at the top of the list for a new home, but it was hard to not lose hope," said Ms. Chance. "Thankfully, I didn’t stop fighting and neither did Children’s Law Center."
Celebrate a Woman Who Has Made a Difference in Your Life
We invite you to send a card to a woman who has made a difference in your life -- and support our work with the many women who fight for their kids every day, including birth moms, foster moms, adoptive moms, grandmoms, sisters, aunts, teachers and more.
With each gift, we will mail or email a personalized card to your loved one, letting her know that you have made a gift to Children's Law Center in her name.
Each gift bolsters Children's Law Center's work to ensure that families can access food, education supports and other essential resources.
Join us in celebrating your family and families across the District. Your generous, tax-deductible gift helps Children's Law Center continue fighting so every child in the District can grow up with a loving family, good health and a quality education.