Washington Business Journal: D.C. law requiring identification of individuals behind LLCs takes effect

January 28, 2020

Thanks to the DC Council's efforts, particularly that of Chairman Mendelson and At-Large Councilmember Elissa Silverman, new limited liability corporation (LLCs) in the District must now disclosed identifying information about their owners. CLC Healthy Together Director Tracy Goodman spoke with Alex Koma of Washington Business Journal to share that this change represents a win for tenants' advocates and DC families living in unhealthy housing conditions because negligent landlords often hide behind LLCs.

“Too many families we work with have kids who end up sick, in the ER, or hospitalized because they live in unhealthy homes run by negligent landlords,” Tracy Goodman, an attorney at the Children’s Law Center, a D.C. nonprofit, wrote in an email. “We are optimistic these new regulations will unmask the real owners behind an LLC and allow for stronger accountability.”

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