Washington Lawyer: Combating Secondary Trauma: Attorney Wellness in High-Stress Practice

January 1, 2020

Children's Law Center works with many DC residents who have faced multiple traumatic experiences. Our team of experts work with each client to help them tackle a variety of challenges. That's why it's critical CLC staff can bring their best thinking and energy to support each client.

Washington Lawyer's John Murph interviewed CLC director of social work Kim Daulton to learn about the resources CLC provides its staff who may experience secondary trauma:

Kim Daulton, director of social work at the Children’s Law Center, a District-based nonprofit legal services organization that advocates for one in nine of the city’s poorest children, says the organization has taken it upon itself to learn more about the impact of [secondary trauma stress] and [vicarious traumatization] on its team.

“As a result of that, we host trainings to educate the staff. Many of our supervisions include conversations about what kinds of things in the casework are impacting our staff and how we can support them in processing and addressing those. We know that lack of time to process work-related experiences is one risk factor. So, I think it’s a pretty regular conversation,” she explains.

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