2016 Annual Report

Transforming the Lives of DC Children

Imagine a child in trouble. Do you picture a student suspended for disruptive behavior? A toddler left alone by his mother? A teenager who has life-threatening asthma attacks in the middle of the night? These are among the troubles children in the District face every day.

In the pages of this annual report, you will read about Darren Pegram, Akhil Medley and Laila Rodriguez, who are among the thousands of children and families Children’s Law Center fought for in 2016. Our work helped transform their lives.

As you read, you will see the greater threat to these and other DC kids is a school system that is often unresponsive, a foster care system that is broken, health agencies that are overly bureaucratic and immigration laws that are difficult to navigate, harsh and punitive.

More than anything else, at-risk children in DC need these institutions to work for them; they need schools, hospitals and government agencies that anticipate as well as address their needs. That’s why, in addition to the individual cases we handle on behalf of children each year, Children’s Law Center works hard to strengthen key DC institutions. We are alert to every budget cut, policy reform or leadership change that could weaken an institution’s ability to help children and families. We press DC leaders to adopt budgets that put children first, fight for policies that address the real needs of our most vulnerable children, and work with government agencies to improve the programs children need to be safe, healthy and learning.

Our policy work amplifies our impact. We provided individual assistance to 5,500 kids and families in 2016, and our vigilance and advocacy benefited tens of thousands.

We’re also excited to announce that Children’s Law Center has moved to its new location at 501 3rd Street, NW on the 8th floor. The new space, which is situated closer to the Family Court, can better accommodate the unique work of our committed staff. 

We couldn’t do any of this without the generous support of our donors, the invaluable contributions of our pro bono attorneys, the remarkable work of our talented and tenacious staff and the strategic leadership of our boards.

The coming years will bring unprecedented challenges as the new administration implements its policy agenda. Many of our children have already lost their sense of safety, and the entire city will soon feel the impact. In the face of these turbulent headwinds, your support is more important than ever. Whatever comes our way, Children’s Law Center will fight every day to ensure that DC’s children continue to thrive. 






Our Year in Numbers


Our Stories

There's much more to our work than numbers. Behind the data are the children, parents, caregivers and pro bono attorneys who inspire us. To read each story in this year's annual report, click the image.





2016 Financial Statement

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Total revenue & support: $10,095,236

  • DC Court Contractual Service … $6,254,301
  • Grants … $1,537,214
  • Contributions…$2,016,127
  • Donated goods and services…$254,077
  • Other income … $33,517

Total expenses: $9,077,623

  • Total Legal Programs … $8,036,389
  • General and Administrative … $489,770
  • Fundraising … $551,464



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