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Law Clerk and Internship Program Openings


Children’s Law Center hosts a comprehensive, hands-on internship program. Generally, law clerk or intern positions are available for spring, summer, or fall. The following projects within Children’s Law Center may accept law clerks: Guardian ad litem Project (GAL), Heathy Together (HT, Medial-Legal Partnership), HT/GAL Special Education Project, the Policy Team, and the Pro Bono (Family Law) Program. The Communications Team, Development Team, Policy Team, and Pro Bono Program may also accept interns. All positions are unpaid and can be taken for credit. Hours are flexible. As positions become available, requirements/qualifications and deadlines will be available below.

Generally, spring openings are posted in October, summer positions are posted in November and fall openings are posted in May.

Please note: Due to ongoing public health concerns, all spring 2021 interns and law clerks will report remotely.

We are accepting applications for the following positions: 

  • Communications Intern
  • Healthy Together (Medical-Legal Partnership) Law Clerk
  • Policy Intern
  • Policy Law Clerk
  • Pro Bono (Family Law) Intern
  • Pro Bono (Family Law) Law Clerk


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

The final application deadline for the spring of 2021 is November 30th.

About the Programs 

Communications Intern

The Communications intern duties may include, but are not limited to: Media Relations/Public Relations (such as: preparing resources and background materials including research and drafting press-related correspondence, participating in brainstorming to develop creative angles to leverage in media outreach and PR campaigns, providing thorough debriefing of PR activities), Digital Outreach (such as: assisting in developing social media content for Children’s Law Center channels, conducting social media influencer research, helping maintain and updating website, assisting in preparing email newsletter outreach and organizing and archiving digital images and videos) and Research/Reporting (such as: monitoring and reporting on online activities of relevant organizations, reporting on the performance of social media platforms for Communications team attending relevant events, coalition meetings, and Council hearings/roundtables). Applicants must be a current student studying in Communications, Journalism, Marketing or Public Relations. Hours are flexible but require a minimum of 10 hours a week during the school year and 20 hours per week minimum during the summer. At least 1 year of relevant experience preferred.

Healthy Together (Medical-Legal Partnership) Law Clerk

Healthy Together is a medical-legal partnership for DC's children.  Healthy Together partners with pediatricians across the city to address legal barriers to children's health.  We do this by advocating in a variety of legal settings for medically-necessary health services, special education supports, family-stabilizing public benefits, habitable housing conditions, and more.  Additionally, Healthy Together provides trainings to medical providers and community members about legal issues impacting children's health.

The Healthy Together law clerk will provide advocacy and litigation support in special education, housing conditions, health insurance, and other cases involving health-harming legal needs.  The law clerk will gain valuable experience through conducting intake interviews, legal research and writing, courtroom observations, home and school visits, interviewing witnesses, supporting community trainings, and more.  The law clerk will receive one-on-one supervision by a senior attorney and will work with a team of attorneys.  The ideal candidate would be interested in pursuing a career in direct legal services and be committed to working with low-income populations.

Policy Intern

Working with policymakers at the local level, Children’s Law Center’s Policy Team handles legislative and regulatory matters, works on implementation of key recent policy successes, participates in policy discussions and coalitions on issues important to Children’s Law Center clients and to the health, education, and well-being of DC’s children.

The Policy Intern will work on a variety of projects and policy issues, such as legislative monitoring and policy analysis, research about best practices and legislation or policy in other jurisdictions, assisting with advocacy efforts in different forums such as Public Hearings at the DC Council, and participating in local coalitions. Assignments may include data gathering and analysis, research and writing, compiling resources, local budget analysis, assisting with public testimony, and attending Public Hearings and other meetings.

Requirements and qualifications include: strong interpersonal skills, excellent analytical ability, strong writing skills, solid academic background, commitment to working with low-income populations, and willingness and enthusiasm to complete all tasks. Applicants should be a recent graduate or a graduate-level student.

Policy Law Clerk

Children’s Law Center’s Policy Program works with the Mayor, District Agencies, and the DC Council to develop citywide recommendations that ensure local policies, legislation, funding, and programs meet the needs of all District children. The Policy Program seeks law students or recent law school graduates for the Spring 2020 clerkship position. Policy clerkships offer clerks: the opportunity to engage in important oversight activities related to local agencies’ performance and budget; exposure to legislative processes such as lobbying and observation of hearings at the Council; legal analysis, research, and writing to support CLC policy positions in a variety of forums; and more.

Law clerks may have a broad range of responsibilities including, but not limited to, researching and writing about legal issues, interviewing clients and witnesses, attending external meetings, attending the DC Council’s legislative meetings and committee hearings, and assisting with the drafting of written testimony. CLC Policy clerks are unpaid and are supervised one-on-one by a Senior Policy Attorney.

Requirements and qualifications include: excellent analytical ability, strong oral and written communication skills, strong interpersonal skills, basic understanding of the local legislative process, commitment to working in support of low-income populations, and willingness and enthusiasm to complete all tasks.

Pro Bono (Family Law) Law Clerk & Intern

The Pro Bono Program maximizes CLC’s impact by teaming with volunteer pro bono attorneys across the District to provide representation in custody, special education, and housing conditions cases. The Pro Bono Program also includes in-house CLC attorneys who provide direct representation in family law matters, representing children in custody cases and third-party caregivers in custody, adoption, and guardianship cases. The Pro Bono Law Clerk and Pro Bono Intern will support in-house CLC attorneys in these family law matters.

The Pro Bono (Family Law) Law Clerk will support CLC case-handling attorneys by researching and writing about legal issues, drafting motions and other pretrial or trial materials, interviewing clients and witnesses, assisting in investigative tasks, attending court proceedings, and providing other support as needed on family law matters. Applicants must be a current law student or recent law school graduate.

The Pro Bono (Family Law) Intern will support CLC case-handling attorneys with investigative and administrative tasks, which may include records checks and requests, locating and interviewing witnesses, serving complaints, reviewing and organizing case documents, researching and locating resources for clients, and providing other support as needed.
Requirements and qualifications for both positions include: strong interpersonal skills, excellent analytical ability, strong writing skills, solid academic background, commitment to working with low-income populations, and willingness and enthusiasm to complete all tasks. These positions are unpaid. Each requires a minimum of 12 hours per week.

Application Instructions: 

Please note: Due to ongoing public health concerns, all spring 2021 interns and law clerks will report remotely.

To apply, please submit the following materials in one PDF file: cover letter, resume, writing sample and 3 professional references. Other specific requests may be included in each project’s job posting. Application may be submitted via mail, fax, or email to: 

Children’s Law Center
Attn: (see below)* 
501 3rd Street NW
8th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20001

*“Attention” or email subject line should state the season, year, and job position to which the application is being submitted, i.e. “Spring 2018 GAL Law Clerk” or “Fall 2019 Communications Intern.” No telephone calls please.

Children’s Law Center’s hiring committee may elect not to review applications which fail to submit applications in the manner requested.