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Community Conversations: Telehealth

August 4, 2020
In Children’s Law Center’s third community conversation, we discuss how the District pivoted toward telehealth. We examine what practices and policies made it possible, how is it working, and what lessons have we learned. Featuring: Melisa Byrd (Department of Health Care Finance), and Karen M. Dale (AmeriHealth Caritas DC), Sharra Greer (Children’s Law Center), and Judith Sandalow (Children’s Law Center). 

Helping DC’s Children Navigate a Changed World

July 30, 2020
It is challenging in a normal year to ensure the DC budget supports children and families. This year, when the increased need met reduced government resources, what was once challenging became formidable. Money matters – and our hard-fought gains will make a critical difference for thousands of children, keeping them safely in their homes and ensuring they receive the support they need to manage the trauma of the pandemic.

Videos to Help Keep DC's Children Healthy While Home

July 10, 2020
Over the last few months, I've heard many parents share their concerns about how to keep their homes clean and pest-free. This is especially true for parents of children with asthma or other chronic health conditions. They are nervous to have people come into their home to fix any issues, but they also know the longer their child is exposed to asthma or allergens, the more likely their child may need to go to the hospital. It is one of the biggest dilemmas many DC families are facing every day.  

Celebrating LGBTQ Youth Every Month

June 30, 2020
Last week Americans celebrated a historic Supreme Court decision confirming that federal employment protections extend to and protect gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender workers. The positive implications of this ruling are far reaching and worth celebrating especially as we conclude Pride Month.  

Joint Letter: Make DC's School Based Mental Health and Community Behavioral Health a Priority

June 22, 2020
As DC children and families experience high levels of emotional stress and trauma from the pandemic, the economic crisis and the pain underlying the recent protests and calls for racial justice, access to mental health services is more critical than ever. Unfortunately, Mayor Bowser's proposed FY21 budget does not include funding to expand the school-based mental health program next year, and it makes significant cuts to spending on behavioral health services that would further restrict access to mental health services.

Community Conversations: Returning to School

June 18, 2020
Children’s Law Center’s second community conversation addresses strategies for building the safety and emotional support students need to learn. Featuring: Deitra Bryant-Mallory (DC Public Schools), Sharra Greer (Children’s Law Center), Marisa Parrella (Mary’s Center), and Judith Sandalow (Children’s Law Center).  

BuzzFeed News: The Coronavirus Is Shattering A Generation Of Kids

June 11, 2020
At Children's Law Center, we have seen how the coronavirus pandemic has destabilized the lives, routines, and educations of many of the children we serve, particularly students with special needs.

Racism is Trauma

June 1, 2020
I want to start this letter with one simple message – Black Lives Matter. The pandemic, the number of Black lives lost at the hands of police and the protests of the last few days highlight how far away we are from our civic and political structures embracing these same ideals.

Making Mental Health a Priority

May 22, 2020
The pandemic is putting enormous stress on all families. With each passing day, the need for mental health supports increases. Yet the District's already complex mental health system is harder than ever to access. That's why we are reaching out to every child and family we work with to make sure they are able to access medication and therapy to help them manage during these hard times. And it is why we build strong relationships with families like the Harts,* so they will reach out to us when new crises emerge.