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Our Approach

  child learningA good education is a child’s building block for future success.

But too often the District’s school system fails to provide specialized instruction and other support needed to help children with physical, learning or emotional disabilities succeed. Poor children often enter kindergarten behind their peers. When children have special education or mental health needs they often fall further behind, have behavioral problems that lead to unnecessary suspensions, and are much less likely to graduate. Today, DC has the 4th lowest high school graduation rates in the nation. The cost of failing these children is much too high—both for them and for our community.

Last year, we opened educational doors for over 2,250 DC children.

Children’s Law Center helped infants and toddlers get early intervention support so they could enter school ready to learn. We also helped secure the specialized instruction and support necessary to improve educational outcomes for low-income children with disabilities or developmental delays. And, we helped foster children stay in school by ensuring they could stay in a familiar school no matter where they lived, and by responding to school discipline matters. As a result, many more District children are getting the education they need to thrive.