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Our Approach

little-girl-doctorAll parents want their children to be healthy.

In the District, however, sometimes unsafe housing, inadequate education, exposure to violence, lack of good health care and other problems related to poverty can harm children’s physical and mental health. Children who have been neglected or traumatized by abuse and neglect often have more fragile health and greater mental health concerns. And, children living in DC’s poorest neighborhoods have some of the highest rates of asthma in the country, exacerbated by poor housing that is infested by rats, mold and cockroaches. Whatever the cause, children with poor health are repeatedly in the emergency room and miss many days of school.

Last year, we helped over 1,700 children and families solve problems that couldn’t be helped by medicine alone.

Through our medical-legal partnerships with Children’s National Health System, Mary’s Center, and Unity Health Care, our lawyers work side-by-side with pediatricians to find and fix the root causes of a child’s health problem. We also help many children living in foster care get the mental health care and other health services they need to recover from trauma and neglect. As a result, more District children are living in safe housing, more are being treated for their health conditions, and more are receiving mental health services – putting them on the road to a healthier future.