Caregiver Custody Training Manual | Children's Law Center

Caregiver Custody Training Manual

Below you will find Children's Law Center's comprehensive Caregiver Custody Training Manual, broken up into its component tabs, which you can download individually at the bottom of the page. 


Tab 1 Introduction

Tab 1 includes the manual table of contents and our Pro Bono FAQs. 


Tab 2 Client Realities and Cultural Humility 

Tab 2 includes articles and resources on cultural humility particularly as it relates to family law. 


Tab 3 Overview and Beginning Steps

Tab 3 includes an overview of the initial steps to working on a caregiver custody case, including interview tips, e-filing in DC family court, and sample praecipes.


Tab 4 Custody and Domestic Violence Law and Procedure

Tab 4 includes a variety of resources including a primer on custody law in DC and an overview of the procedural steps of a custody case. Also includes a primer on Civil Protection Order cases and a Domestic Violence case digest.


Tab 5 Sample Third-Party Complaint, Answer

Tab 5 includes a sample custody complaint and answer


Tab 6 Services and Resources in DR Cases

Tab 6 includes a variety of resources, including assessment tools, parent coordination, mediation, researching court records, and a list of court contacts


Tab 7 Grandparent Caregiver Resources

Tab 7 includes information and application for Grandparent Caregivers subsidy, joint TANF-Medicaid application, and information on grandfamilies.