Caregiver Representation Pro Bono Attorney Training PowerPoints (November 2016)

A series of PowerPoint presentations on representing caregivers in permanency cases as a pro bono attorney in the District of Columbia.

  • Introduction: slides 1-5
  • Overview of Family Court and Neglect Matters: slides 6-21
  • Caregiver Clients and Cultural Competency: slides 22-41
  • Third Party Custody: slides 42-70
  • Adoption and Guardianship Law and Practice: slides 71-103
  • Guardianship and Adoption Subsidy: slides 104-117
  • Representing Caregivers in Custody, Adoption, and Guardianship matters--Case Studies: The Johnsons and Mr. Smith: slides 118-126
  • Presenting Evidence: slides 127-145