Custody Guardian ad Litem Pro Bono Attorney Training Videos (March 2019)

There are hundreds of children in the District of Columbia who are caught in the middle of contested custody proceedings. Custody guardians ad litem advocate for the children’s best interests in these cases. To learn more about custody guardian ad litem practice in DC, please check out our training video (with individual section times noted).

  • Introduction (0:00 – 20:35)

  • Role and Practice of Being a Custody GAL (20:35 – 1:31:30)

  • Custody Law and Procedure (1:31:30 – 2:42:30)

  • Case Realities and Cultural Humility (2:42:30 – 3:18:10)

  • Communicating with Children & Teens; Overview of Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, and Child Abuse and Neglect (3:18:10 – 4:23:22)

  • Pretrial and Trial Advocacy (4:23:22 – 5:18:47)

Custody Guardian ad Litem Training Video

Custody Guardian ad Litem Training Video March 2019